Chalet 1 – “The Ultimate”

Chalet 1 – “The Ultimate” got his name because he’s the ultimate chalet in the White Rocks Estate! A Private small lake, private white sandy area and a breath taking view!

The water in front of the “Ultimate” is clear up to a minimum depth of 10ft! Over that, the water was tested EXCELLENT!

A perfect place for small and big groups of people, friends and family trips.

All the chalets are on a beautiful location but “The Ultimate” is in a class of it’s own!
CITQ: 309110

Chalet 2 – “The Elder”

Why are we calling this Chalet “The Edler”. Even if called “Chalet 2”, this is in fact the first Chalet that was built at White Rocks Estate so he got the name “The Elder”!
CITQ: 303766

Chalet 3 – “Top of The World”

Chalet 3 “Top of The World” got his name because he’s overlooking the White Rocks Lake and Chalet 2 “The Elder”. He shares his beach and volleyball court with Chalet 2 “The Elder”. Same amenithies, nice sandy spot and volleyball court that are shared with Chalet 2 “The Elder”.
CITQ: 311648

Chalet 5 – “The Roc”

We had to dynamite most of the location where the Chalet “The Rock” stands. We’ve put a lot of attention in trying to preserve a maximum of the trees and forrest.
CITQ: 303767

Chalet 6 – “The Mountaineer”

“The Mountaineer” is located in a little ridge in a mountain. “The Mountaineer” is quieter than most of the Chalets in the White Rocks Estate. “The Mountaineer” offers the same amenities as “The Rock”, “Lucky 7” and “The Osprey”

CITQ: 316973